New Home! 
New backyard from Google Earth.

Directly between my two favorite canyons Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood canyon. The Wasatch-Cache National Forest!

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Here are some of my random posts regarding Solar Cooking...more to come:
SolarOven purchased with coupon
Solar Oven and Duck Butt
Bratwurst cooked in the solar oven
Using a dutch oven inside the SunOven solar cooker to prepare an amazing lamb shank dinner at City of Rocks of Idaho.

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Sunset Peak Alta Utah 

Head lamp and tripod, Sunset peak Kevin Cocco

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Just picked up ...a Cocco family tradition.. site coming soon ... 327-214130

Google trends does not give you volume but you can use other sites to give you an idea of traffic volume in comparison..

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Pentapitch Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah 

Pentapitch Rock Climb in Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah

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