Tour of Utah 

Live heli video coverage of Tour of Utah, watch out for the power cables

Oscar Alvarez leading into the canyon

Levi Leipheimer overall winner in the peloton for the last climb to Snowbird

Watched live stream as the tour climbed 8k ft. over the Alpine loop. Nice interface from Adobe with KulaByte used for the stream capture. Rode bikes to watch them enter Little Cottonwood canyon and was able to ride back home and watch the final 4 miles of Levi's climb to the finish.
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Back in June with the Cromar's at the wind tunnel IFly Ogden Utah

Mike Cromar

Kevin Cocco

Cale Cromar


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Animated GIF / Cinemagraphs

Here is a nice tutorial on how to create with CS5 extended
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My brother was flying to Miami and took this awesome picture ... on Twitpic
Twitpic from airplane of Atlantis last take off
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