Les Claypool and his Fancy Band ~ 2006-06-07 
Amazing show! If Les hits your town you must see him, especially with this band!
Two live recordings where posted at bt.etree.org (free download) here is one:

Les Claypool and his Fancy Band
Suede, Park City, UT

Song List:
ding dang
one better
long in the tooth
whales and woe
highball (w/ the jam)
rumble of the diesel
d's diner
Encore: Lust Stings
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Google Video Submited: Pfeifferhorn 2-13-2006 
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 7864339591
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Google Video Rusian Climbing 

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... pr=goog-sl
Wild urban climbing and acrobatics. Passed to me by Dan, Thank you! Free media, the Google video interface didn't even place ads.
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S&T in SLC 

Looking into Baldy Chute

T on the 2nd pitch of her first multi-pitch, East Dihedrals, Dead Snag Area, Big Cottonwood Canyon
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Baldy Chute pics of me 

Peak shooting a panoramic next to weather station

Entering Baldy Chute

These are some pictures of me at Alta Baldy Chute June 20th recieved them from Alex tonight.

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