Bryce Canyon Utah 

IPhone pics...

Holly and Vito Cocco enjoying the view

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The Bug Guy 

Shout out to Richard Younghanz "The Bug Guy" who took my brother in-law and I out for a day of fly fishing during our vacation in CO. Great guy, I learned a ton!
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Google I/O Road Trip Pictures 

Arrive Petaluma CA, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Bank 1,200+ seed varieties!

Oysters grilling with the Claytons at Dillon Beach... yum!

Heading into SF, CA on Gold Gate bridge

Google Glass (Glasses) ... mine are on order :) ... $1,500 :(

Paul Oakenfold after party, good, not great, videoed by everyone in crowd

Startup talk with Kevin Rose

CrowdFlower office, Mission district

Chris Van Pelt co-founder & Chief Awesomeness Officer (on business card, nice!)

Royal Robbins's Wine Cafe Camp 4

Post conference with the Yob's... Passing BIG boat on small boat

Heading home on the salt flats ... Tree of life
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Wallowa Hut Trip 
Just back from 4 day backcountry yurt trip in Wallowa Mtns NE Oregon. Great operation!

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TEDs on China 

TED Talks on China:
Martin Jacques - Understanding the raise of China - "2020" China expected to have the same sized economy as USA, Top three contributors to China's rise 1- Civilization state verse nation state, example of how Hong Kong has maintained such different rules of law, 2- Race, 90% of Chinese consider them selfs as Han and this identity hold them together 3 - Relationship with Chinese state as head of family.

Yasheng Huang: Does democracy stifle economic growth? China's most limiting future growth factor is development of political system. Argues, Infrastructure is result of economic growth verse driver and that there is "no" statistical "support that authoritarian governments hold a systematic edge over democracies in terms of growth"

Yang Lan: The generation that's remaking China - Interesting view of the dynamics of the new one child society that is coming into the work force. Yang Ian "the Oprah of China"..

Hans Rosling: Asia's rise -- how and when Always fun presentations... predicts India economy will match USA in 2048 27th July, well also his 100th birthday. Rosling states his concerns for Aisa growth to be Inequality within India and China, Climate change, war.

China on the short list of countries to visit.
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