Bryce Canyon Utah 

IPhone pics...

Holly and Vito Cocco enjoying the view

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Cocco Garden 

Over winter greens (spinach, kale, chard) waking up from under the snow!
I ordered seeds from the following and recommend:
Baker Creek
Territoral Seed Company
Franci - GrowItalian

Here are some of the colors of my 2012 harvest....

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The Bug Guy 

Shout out to Richard Younghanz "The Bug Guy" who took my brother in-law and I out for a day of fly fishing during our vacation in CO. Great guy, I learned a ton!
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Google Glass Side Effects, Opti-Grab v.2? 

Inventor Naven R. Johnson later version of Opti-grab

The "new' Google Glass

The moment of invention

Let's not forget the side effects!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a member of the Google Project Glass Explorer (Testing group) group and Steve Martin fan club. The opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily the views of anyone, including myself.
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Google Glass Glasses Specifications (Guessifications) 
Below are some notes from Google Hangouts today with Google "explorers" (alpha developers) group and Glass team. Now that I have a better idea of specs... so many cool optons to hack!:

Specs In the Glasses:
- Gyro & Accelerometer
- Bluetooth, WiFi, No cellular
- Can pair with Android device
- Microphone
- Audio yes, not in ear (by design, freedom of body)
- Track pad on side of glasses
- Camera w/ Video
- HUD simular to looking at TV across the room. (focal point is not 2 inch from face)

Two tracks of Development:
- Cloud Based API: Push message to glass and user can respond to cloud services.
- Flash Hardware: Low level programming. Glasses have simular hardware to say Samsung phone (minus cell)

Software that may be installed:
- Google maps, navigation
- Speech recognition
- Google Search
- Live stream video and photo have been demoed before

- Sergey is using the $1,500 Glass fee to actually fly all explorers to Mountain View for a Glass hackathon, rumor v2 with option to sky dive onto campus.
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