Google Satellite Map 

Belize Google Satellite Map

Google has integrated satellite mapping from the acquired KeyHole into their mapping systems The upper right hand of the map screen allows you to toggle between satellite pictures and road maps. It seems areas outside of the USA do not have road mapping or detailed satellite..yet. You should be able to zoom from view of entire North America down to a picture showing your home. Try the click and drag...amazing performance!

Here is a link showing Bhutan
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Bluebird Powder Day 

Brighton, Hardcoin, face shot by Dan

Millicent Cliffs Dan

Great Western
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Snowbird off Gad II. Snowing! My best run was my last @4pm. I will be at Brighton, bright and early.
Taken with flash to light up the close flakes.

Olympus cove

Wasatch front north of Big Cottonwood canyon
Stitched with PhotoStitch. The panaramic is from 7 pictures stitched together then croped. I also took every picture with 3 different exposures. Photostitch had better results than Panoramic Factory.
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Sourceforge Open Source 
From their site: " is the world's largest Open Source software development website, with the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet. provides free services to Open Source developers. "
This community is and will increasing revolutionize software development. As of today there are 98,293 registered projects and 1,046,283 users. This Blog is running with several open source programs including SPHPBLOG, Debian Linux, PHP, Apache HTTP sever...
I donated to the SPHPBLOG Sourceforge project today. The project admin has a classic approach to donations:"...This software is free, as in beer. However, beer is not free! So, for every donation of 5 USD (or more) I will purchase one beer..." Cheers! Happy to see that 10% also goes to supporting the fine work being done by Apache Foundation.
Not surprising my Sourceforge userid is kcocco. Sourgeforge provides an e-mail forwarding for developers...mine is:
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Silver Fork Tour 

Silverfork cirque
Panoramic with PhotoStitch

From top of Honeycomb Canyon with Magali
Panoramic with Panoramic Factory
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