Belize jungle, Guatemala 
Posting from San Pedro, Belize. Too many adventures to properly post since my last update. My jungle portion of my trip was amazing I meet some great people while traveling to Western Belize San Ignasio and then across the border to Guatemala. Some highlights...ATM cave Maya pottery and skeletons, Tikal Maya sunrise and sunsets on top of ruins, zip line in the jungle, swimming in Flores Guatemala.....
Today was first day of scuba diving saw a 9 foot nurse shark, huge eel, 50 ft. cave... Blue hole and full moon night dive are planned the next few days. Pictures to come..
I'm on the clock 5 USD per 30min at Caribbean Connection Internet Cafe and I am short dollars as ATMs and VISA are having issues due to Telecom Union strike in Belize.
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Travertine floor cut and installed in guest bathroom today. The last few days have been removing floor, thinset and screw cement board, patching, painting, cutting and installing stone floor.

The tour starts Monday! Belize,Guatemala, Thailand, Bhutan, India, Thailand, SLC....

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Google Satellite Map 

Belize Google Satellite Map

Google has integrated satellite mapping from the acquired KeyHole into their mapping systems The upper right hand of the map screen allows you to toggle between satellite pictures and road maps. It seems areas outside of the USA do not have road mapping or detailed satellite..yet. You should be able to zoom from view of entire North America down to a picture showing your home. Try the click and drag...amazing performance!

Here is a link showing Bhutan
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International Travel Clinic 
Hats off to the Salt Lake Valley Health Department's International Travel Clinic! Our R.N. Holly poked us with 3 shots (Hepatitis A/B, Tetanus, polio) and 1 oral (Typhoid, 4 pill take home). Holly also prescribed the following drugs: 2 Malaria(Aralen Choloroquine Phosphate, Doxycycline), Zithromax for traveler's diarrhea, Diamox for altitude, Zolpidem sleeping pills for jetlag. She gave us detailed medical information for all of my upcoming countries: Belize, Thailand, Bhutan, India. Also general tips on water treatment, food standards, bugs, sanitation. I did not know water that has been carbonated for 24 hours kills bacteria? I learned about some new bug repellent products like Fite Bite that you apply to your clothing and can be wash twice and still be active. Holly sent us home with a thick packet of info including a catalog from . I placed an order tonight for power converter, Ultrathon and Fite Bite bug repellents, Iodine tablets, kwikpoint picture card.
Excellent service thanks Holly!

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Bangkok Booked 
Booked Bangkok tonight! Bangkok will just be a launch point to and from Bhutan and India. I am stoked that my friend Tori will be able to join me for trekking in Bhutan! I have selected Sakten as the tour company to arrange our trek. All visitors must have a guide while in Bhutan. I hope to have the trek confirmed this week.

Here is my lineup...
Chicago March 24 - 29
Belize April 18 - 30
Bangkok May 5 - June 23rd

I have an appointment with the Salt Lake County International Travel Immunizations Center(801-468-2813) at the end of the month. A public office in the county building (2100 S State). Here is the recommended immunizations and there pricing for Belize, Bangkok, Bhutan and India:
Hepatitis A & B (Twinrix) $47
Typhoid $49
Tetanus booster $28
Polio booster $32
Office Visit w/ travel advisor $40

Total should be about $196...not too bad.
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