Split Board New Integrated Plate Bindings from SparkRandD.com & Voile 
Great news for splitboarders, new bindings that have the binding and plate integrated. Makes so much sense. Hats off to Spark R&D for innovation in their Fuse Bindings. Spark is also putting out a nice Dynafit drill free converter kit to mount toe pieces http://www.sparkrandd.com/products/dynafits/. I am in the market after ripping my Dynafit toe off my board last weekend..... repair or new? Voile is rumored to start shipment of their integrated plate binding this Monday: Voile Trax splitboard binding Looks very hot, quick release pull cord and Wasatch tested. Nice to have some options now!
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Mt Aire 

Mike Cromar

Kevin Cocco
Mt. Aire Pictures thanks to Brett Brady
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Kevin Cocco April 7th, Snowbird Utah
Wind blown perfect powder with work friends. Photo taken by Powder Shots.
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Season is ON 

Back country riding this Sat. marks the beginning of my season. And more snow coming! North facing aspects were nice South facing karate fighting.
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No Name Peak White Pine 

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