Fusion-io Brand Tracking 

Tough day of trading for FIO 25.50 -4.84 (-15.95%)!
I started my brand tracking data capture for FIO today, capturing all(yep all) Tweets, FB posts, a few others... Interesting day to start following Fusion-io Q2 results last night.

Tweet from highest Klout score of 61 with 9,409 Twitter followers:
regvulture - The Register:
"Fusion-io revenues flash upwards: Market punishes Fusion for margin fall. Server flash array vendor Fusion-io saw http://t.co/YNbdov3G"

Tweet from user with most Twitter followers: 11,331 with a Klout score of 52
"Disappointing Margins Crush Fusion-io: Storage Wars Heat Up http://t.co/EZyZnyBR $OCZ $STEC $FIO"

Each article mentions some possible FIO competition. The Register mentions "EMC's Project Lightning" and SeekingAlpha "OCZ Tech (OCZ)". I wonder who may be caught in Innovators Dilemma? Is EMC really not putting their A+ team and priority into Flash because their MBA's made a graph that showed this cannibalizing their core business model? If EMC doesn't cannibalize/disrupt their business model someone else will. Is Fusion-io brushing off lower sticker cost OCZ Flash solutions because they don't have the fastest X per Y performance and only meet a niche that is not as profitable...now? OCZ < Fusion-IO < EMC =?

I am personally still bullish* on FIO. The public company curse of balancing cashflow for public display every 3 months must be a nightmare for a startup. Brand building, engaging new clients and verticals in proof of concepts, tweaking manufacturing for new product... I would expect these investments to pay off.

Data capture running, predictive model building starting soon ...

* I am CS guy not stock guy, I own shared of FIO

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LucidCharts + Wordle = Google Prediction API Graphic 

I highly recommend LucidCharts for flow charts and simple graphics, very slick! The word map cloud was created with the the classic Wordle. The above is a draft graphic for a research project using CrowdFlower to build a training dataset for Google Prediction API's cloud machine learning systems. Looking forward to crunching marketing data in my next modeling project!

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200 Terabyte Home Movie 

Some amazing graphical representations of data! Here is the company that was started from this work: Bluefin Labs The days of Neilson television-metering boxes is over. My latest projet is in the world of machine learning w/ Google Prediction API ... currently modeling a large dataset of CrowdFlower labeled tweets, fun with data, more to come ...

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Give it a try: Mustachify.me

The above image is generated live from the following URL: http://mustachify.me/?src=http://www.sp ... ceshot.jpg

Open source project on github that uses Face.com REST api
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Google IO Prediction API & Caption API 
Playing catch up watching a few Google IO 2011sessions from May....

Want to leverage Google's machine learning engine(s)? Check out the presentation Smart App Design that shows how to upload a data set, create a model then send transactional data to be modeled live. Simple REST api allows for live updating of model through positive reinforcement calls. They have a few test/sample models: Sentiment(positive, neg) of text, Language detect, Tag association. You can build your own and they announced their plans to allow 3rd parties to make their models avail for rev share payment, but I don't see any yet? Heads up R lovers, API libraries are avail along with many common programming languages.

If you are a live international video tech nut as I am, you will find the IO talk on Caption API & Speech Recognition interesting. Google partnered up with Psycle & StreamText to enable their live captioning of Google/IO. Google does have machine transcribing of video speech to text but still used live human transcribers. Google is pushing for adoption of standard caption format WebVTT. Non-Google but same niche, I have used and follow SpeakerText, I love their crowd sourced transcribing business model $2 per video minute and happy to see they have now opened up free caption delivery with their plugin. Hats off to Google an their accessibility screen reader ChromeVox.
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