Les Claypool and his Fancy Band ~ 2006-06-07 
Amazing show! If Les hits your town you must see him, especially with this band!
Two live recordings where posted at bt.etree.org (free download) here is one:

Les Claypool and his Fancy Band
Suede, Park City, UT

Song List:
ding dang
one better
long in the tooth
whales and woe
highball (w/ the jam)
rumble of the diesel
d's diner
Encore: Lust Stings
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Google Video Submited: Pfeifferhorn 2-13-2006 
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 7864339591
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Google Video Rusian Climbing 

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... pr=goog-sl
Wild urban climbing and acrobatics. Passed to me by Dan, Thank you! Free media, the Google video interface didn't even place ads.
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Snow Cats w Zoomifyer 
Created a Zoomifyer of the snowcat pics from Alta, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

-------======= Click to ZOOMIFY ======---------
http://www.kcocco.com/images/2006_5_14_ ... oomify.htm
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Blue Host 
Just moved the site to a new server hosted by BlueHost.com. Good deal: 15GB of storage, PHP, MySQL 50 DBs, ... for $6.95 per month.


I also upgraded this Blog software to sphpblog- The sphpblog upgrade is very pragmatic. I did encounter an issue with the upgrade. The system would default to a month last year rather than today. I just needed to delete the file ( ~blog_entry_listing.tmp ) in the config directory.

Simple PHP Blog:

There are two recommened ways to upgrade.

Always make a backup of your "config", "content", and
"images" folders. It's probably a good idea to download
them to your hard-drive. (I would recommend making a
monthly backup.)
After you have installed to new version, logout and the
log back in. Click on the "Upgrade Comments" link if it

Option 1
1) FTP the files to a NEW directory on your web server.
2) Copy the "config", "content", and "images" folders into
the NEW directory.
3) Verify that everything works.
4) Delete the old installation.
5) Rename the new installation.

Option 2
1) Delete all file and folders EXCEPT "config", "content",
and "images"
2) FTP the files to your web server.
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