Justin.tv Kevin Cocco channel 
Testing the Justin.tv streaming video mash up. The system is hosted on Amazon's Simple Storage Service. Under 1 penny per user streaming video! Check out the article in New York Times

Watch live video from kcocco's channel on Justin.tv
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Spring Powder! PowderShots 
The Wasatch delivering a nice 1+ foot of fresh powder. These shots of me from the PowderShots folks at Snowbird. They did not have the pictures available on-line the same day... this must loose them major money in not having them on-line same day. People forget their number or loose interest.

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vozME text to speach 
Testing Voice conversion! Would you like to play a game? How about global thermonuclear war? How about a nice game of chess? I found this random page from the blog post: http://blog-well.com/2008/03/04/100-res ... evelopers/

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EasterPie.com Italian-American traffic 

The traffic for term Easter Pie (aka Italian Meat Pie) is starting it's annual spike. I just added Google analytics, Amazon product links and Adsense yesterday.

New York is taking the strong leading state representing the classic Italian Easter meal. Did you know easter pie is also known by atleast 8 different names i.e. meat pie, pastiera, pizza piena, pizza gain, pizzachino, pasqualina, torta di pasqua, pizza di pasqua. There is some great history regarding the classic at:http://www.inmamaskitchen.com/FOOD_IS_A ... r_pie.html

I hope to build the site out properly before next years spike. Happy Easter, enjoy your Easter Pies!
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Google SketchUp Floor Plan 

A quick floor plan for upstairs painting put together with Google SketchUp. I used the free version and was impressed. Here are some of the tips I found usefull:
* After drawing a line with the pencil draw tool you can type in the length to keep scale.
Quick keys following the first letter... nicely done.
* (L) - (L)ine
* (M)ove
* (R)rectangle
* (P)ush/pull

I found a book for Goolge sketchup!

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