Dawn Patrol 

Head lamps 5am start up Mtn. Superior



South face run

Video by Kolin!

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Gardening an Ecological Approach by Fred Montague 

I finished the amazing Gardening an Ecological Approach earlier this week and went back to work out the "Earth Season Circle" and associated circle garden. The goal is to mark last and first frost dates and max. sun angle solstices and equinox. Above is a Wolfram Alpha calculator for Sun Angles see page 60.

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Wasatch Powderkeg 2011 

Kevin Cocco

Was happy to see friend Galen (owner of Brighton Ski Resort Photo - Star Photo) taking pics of the race... thanks for Galen!

Magali and I enjoying our post race burger and beer. More pictures from Kolin here.

A great sufferfest completed! Big thanks to the organizers and volunteers of the Powderkeg. I finished the 3,500ft, 6.6 mile, 4 climb course with a time of 2:05, placing 6th in the splitboard division.

I am the splitboarder poling down the cattrack at 1:52 into the video...

Park City TV clip

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Video of Alex Lemieux shreding the 3 ft. of fresh and sunny sky. Wow amazing day!

Back deck

Alex testing Black Diamond's 2012 Megawatt Ski, HOT
Today was the first time I took the Winterstick off the wall, mounted and rode. I purchased this old school board from Salty Peaks in 2006.

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