Power Practical USB Power Meter 

Using Power Practical USB Power Meter to measure the stepper motor power consumption as it moves... 5 blue bars = 5 Watts.

Testing outside in the snow. IOS & Android connecting to the SolarCue solar tracking and monitoring with RaspberryPi + WiFi + server.

Note, the 1 Watt at rest power consumption... parasitic power. Will be testing latching relay to prevent this use of power.

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SolSource Solar Cooking Chicken stock in pressure cooker 
Short video: vine.co/v/hgqZLuqHDwj

Here are some pictures from my sunny day of gardening and cooking a whole chicken in pressure cooker using the SolSource Solar Grill by the fine folks at One Earth Designs

Harvesting fresh veggies (carrots, celery root, shallots, chives, rosemarry, sage, tyme, parsley)

Whole chicken

Concentrated solar on bottom of pressure cooker

Generally you want dark, flat colored bottoms of pots and pans... pressure cooker had quite a bit of shine, but still worked great.

Never hit full pressure but boiled strong and long(2 hours) resulting in a nice chicken w/ stock!

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SolarCue Maker/Hacker Project 

Love this slide from Rasmus Lerdorf at OpenWest this year:
(Dreamer [ Hacker ) Coder]

And there was light! ... the addiction starts

Compass working!

Transistor crew showing a huge collection of controlers at OpenWest

Testing my Thermocouple.... yes, Dead!

Motor on Arduino

Stepper motor working on Raspberry Pi

Time to make things move! Lazy susan / turntable

Mounting Stepper

Cutting belt track on edge of turn table

Home made belt tensioners from screen door wheel and random hardware

First auto solar tracking meal, ribs! Set it and forget-it

Solar Oven Tracking System: SolarCue
Currently the system has:
- Linux Server on RaspberryPi
- Web and Sockets server on RasPi
- 2 WiFi dongles HotSpot + Internet
- Battery Powered / Solar Panel charging
- Compass
- 2 thermocouples Oven Temp and meat/water probe
- Stepper Motor forward and reverse
- Web app - monitor & control from Phone, tablet, PC....
- Data logging database on RaspberryPi
... more to come...
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Google Glass Side Effects, Opti-Grab v.2? 

Inventor Naven R. Johnson later version of Opti-grab

The "new' Google Glass

The moment of invention

Let's not forget the side effects!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a member of the Google Project Glass Explorer (Testing group) group and Steve Martin fan club. The opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily the views of anyone, including myself.
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Google Glass Glasses Specifications (Guessifications) 
Below are some notes from Google Hangouts today with Google "explorers" (alpha developers) group and Glass team. Now that I have a better idea of specs... so many cool optons to hack!:

Specs In the Glasses:
- Gyro & Accelerometer
- Bluetooth, WiFi, No cellular
- Can pair with Android device
- Microphone
- Audio yes, not in ear (by design, freedom of body)
- Track pad on side of glasses
- Camera w/ Video
- HUD simular to looking at TV across the room. (focal point is not 2 inch from face)

Two tracks of Development:
- Cloud Based API: Push message to glass and user can respond to cloud services.
- Flash Hardware: Low level programming. Glasses have simular hardware to say Samsung phone (minus cell)

Software that may be installed:
- Google maps, navigation
- Speech recognition
- Google Search
- Live stream video and photo have been demoed before

- Sergey is using the $1,500 Glass fee to actually fly all explorers to Mountain View for a Glass hackathon, rumor v2 with option to sky dive onto campus.
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