Jack Canfield and Kevin Cocco 

Is that a Elvis and a Yeti? Hard to tell with such a low quality phone picture of Jack Canfield and I after dinner tonight. What a great guy! Jack is the author of the New York Times multi best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. If you have not picked up his latest book Success Principals I recommend. Here are few of his sites: JackCanfield.com & CanfieldCoaching.com
While I am downloading pictures off my phone...here are some other random pictures over time...

Desert sunset from the car between Moab and Salt Lake City

Potato chip like surface hoar snow crystals from southern Utah this weekend

Road side wild turkeys...
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Brighton Ski Resort Utah 

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Winterstick Swallow Tail 

My nearly extinct Winterstick Swallow Tail. Today's base at Brighton was only 32 inches, looks like the Swallow Tail will have to wait.... I do not plan on riding this board until there is 100inch plus on the ground with at least 1foot of fresh.
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Little Cottonwood Canyon, Cliff Lodge 

The Snowbird Cliff Lodge. Open air pool and hot tub spa looking up at Mt. Superior.

Alta ski resort pre-season powder feeding frenzy

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Indian Creek 

Easter Island tower, Bridger Jack Mesa, Indian Creek, Utah

1st Pitch

2nd Pitch start

2nd Pitch Finish

Six Shooter Peaks

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