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KCOCCO ~ photo

Give it a try: Mustachify.me

The above image is generated live from the following URL: http://mustachify.me/?src=http://www.sp ... ceshot.jpg

Open source project on github that uses Face.com REST api
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Google IO Prediction API & Caption API 
Playing catch up watching a few Google IO 2011sessions from May....

Want to leverage Google's machine learning engine(s)? Check out the presentation Smart App Design that shows how to upload a data set, create a model then send transactional data to be modeled live. Simple REST api allows for live updating of model through positive reinforcement calls. They have a few test/sample models: Sentiment(positive, neg) of text, Language detect, Tag association. You can build your own and they announced their plans to allow 3rd parties to make their models avail for rev share payment, but I don't see any yet? Heads up R lovers, API libraries are avail along with many common programming languages.

If you are a live international video tech nut as I am, you will find the IO talk on Caption API & Speech Recognition interesting. Google partnered up with Psycle & StreamText to enable their live captioning of Google/IO. Google does have machine transcribing of video speech to text but still used live human transcribers. Google is pushing for adoption of standard caption format WebVTT. Non-Google but same niche, I have used and follow SpeakerText, I love their crowd sourced transcribing business model $2 per video minute and happy to see they have now opened up free caption delivery with their plugin. Hats off to Google an their accessibility screen reader ChromeVox.
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Eat Your Own Dog Food 
Interesting Google+ blog post from Googler ranting about platforms. Steve Yegge outlines his time at Amazon while they shifted to SOA, Facebook's threat and where he feels Google must go. It's hard to not agree when you see the impressions/traffic and FB Credits revenue Facebook receives from apps others are building on their platform. I was impressed when I learned more than half of products sold on Amazon's platform/marketplace were by 3rd party merchants. Both Amazon and Facebook have the world assisting in their infrastructure, Amazon by selling AWS/services(their dog food) and Facebook by opensourcing.
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Amdahl's Law 

FIO - Fusion-IO posted great results during today's investor earnings call! Growing their $1million+ customers this quarter to 6, but, due to customer privacy not able to discuss the specific growth of Facebook or Apple.

During analyst questioning I was happy to hear CEO David Flynn dive into under utilized CPUs and effect on SW licensing. Fusion-IO has the ability to quickly feed data to CPUs keeping them busy, better leveraging software licenses. Anyone that has been through the Oracle or SAP CPU core licensing dance knows were the pain/money is in scaling. David mentioned Amdahl's Law to describe how throwing just CPUs at scaling has diminishing returns plus per core SW licensing costs.

Analysts brought up flash memory competitors LSI and EMC Lightning. David dismisses as different approaches with limitations. EMC's approach built upon their centralized storage, paying twice for a solution. Brings back memories of EMC SAN attaching SUN blade servers to the fabric network with at the time $1k+ fiber cards so that we could be queued in the LUN carving schedule, the money and mess. I have seen Compellent and VMWare pair up nicely but same hops to the CPU and FusionIO is solving for this niche with their product IOTurbine
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Open Compute Project & FusionIO? 

It will be interesting to see how Facebook's Open Compute Project will drive the future of the infrastructure ecosystem? Today you can see the published specs for data center (Racks, Battery, Electrical, Mechanical) and server ( Motherboards (AMD & Intel), Power Supply, Chassis) ...but, no storage, yet? Well not exactly, I do see the blog post about standards for HDD to have variable speed to reduce power consumption for 'cold storage'. It seems that the storage layer will remain diverse as there are needs for Hot and Cold node storage. Technology's like Fusion-IO are solving for the hot storage. Maybe we will learn more about Facebook and Apple addoption during Fusion-IO's quarterly report this Wed, Nov 2nd? Here is a company selling OCP spec servers. Disclosure, I do own stock in FIO but no other association.

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