Wasatch 200 inch+ 

Snowbird epic day!
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Deep snow welcome home 

Powder horn laps, Mike powing out of the trees.

Mike, Wheelie time

Pictures didn't catch this excellent drop that Mike gets....huge!

I'm back in Utah! And it is dumping. Little Cottonwood Canyon did not even open today due to Avalanche control work. The resorts Alta and Snowbird are interlodged tonight.....they hope to have the canyon open tomorrow morning. There should be well over 3 feet of untouched new powder waiting for me tomorrow!!! I am expecting Alta to post a base of 200+ inch!!!

Finished reading the guidebook Bhutan Lonely Planet . I am prepared for the yaks, chiles, mountains, customs...adventure. My first of the Lonely planet series and not my last...I am deep into LP Inida.
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Easter Pie 

Easter Pie 2005...always the Saturday before Easter. Ethan keeping an eye on the food.

Mom, Allison and Christine stretching the dough.

Layer 1 sausage.

Layer 2 ham. Jordan neatly covering the pie.

Layer 3 mozzarella

Layer 4 ricotta. Dad laying down a healthy layer of the goods.

Layer 5 eggs. Jordan proud of his favorite layer.

Layer 6 parsley. Ethan cutting perfect sized parsley.

Ethan and Allison wetting edges of dough with water and rolling edges

Ethan cutting 6 slits...1 per 2 eggs...

Dad brushes Egg wash as Ethan shakes some nonpareils on top of hot pie.

2 of the 6 perfect pies made 2005...umm, umm good!

Here is the offical Cocco family recipe:
1 lb sausage sweet, fresh
1 lb ham sliced
1 small pkg. mozzarella sliced
dozen small eggs hard boiled sliced in half
1 lb ricotta cheese
fresh flat leaf parsley

3 raw eggs
lb margarine
1 tbl salt
2 tbls sugar
5 cups bread flour approx
- 1 cup water
cake/pkg of fresh yeast

Boil dozen eggs. Cool, shell, slice in half and store. Parboil the sausage, cool and slice diagonally into approximately inch slices. Slice the ham and mozzarella. The above can be prepared the evening before the preparation of the pie.
Dissolve the yeast in warm water. Let stand 5 minutes. Stir to dissolve. Add part of the flour (about 2 cups) and the remaining dough ingredients. Beat until smooth and well blended. Gradually add the remaining flour to make a soft bread dough that does not cling to the sides of the bowl. Knead 5 to 7 minutes by machine or until smooth and elastic by hand. Put into a greased bowl, cover and let rise until doubled. Punch the dough down and let rest for about 15 minutes.
Preheat oven to 350-400 .
Prepare ricotta filling by mixing 2-3 eggs into the ricotta and beating until smooth and creamy. Divide the dough in half. Roll out one portion to cover a medium to large sized pizza pan or cookie sheet. Place the dough on the pan and fill as follows (CAUTION: do not deviate from the specified layering sequence).

layer of sausage
layer of ham
layer of mozzarella
layer of ricotta filling
arrange 6 boiled egg halves on top of the ricotta
sprinkle chopped parsley over all.

Roll out the remaining portion of dough and use to cover the pie. Wet the edges with water, pinch together and roll under the pie (the edges should be trimmed to even up or remove excess dough). Cut several holes in the top crust with a scissors. Bake until golden brown (3/4 to 1 hour).
Prepare an egg wash by beating one egg yolk, sugar and water. As soon as the pie is removed from the oven brush the top with the egg wash and sprinkle with the nonpareils. Allow to sit for about 15 minutes before cutting.
This dish is traditionally prepared on the Holy Saturday and eaten as the noon meal. If any is left, it is good served cold for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.
Invite good friends and enjoy!
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Brighton 156 inch 

Dan Great Western Face

Mike surfing it'up

The rare Brighton Cobalt Finch

Mike is so rad


They posted some pictures and results for 2005 PowderKeg:
Picture of Magali and I starting up the cattrack at the start of the race.
Kevin on first downhill, bottom of Grizzley Gulch
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SLC Dinning 

From Summit chair Solitude ski resort Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC UT
24 in. in the last 48 hours, 155 in. base, 1-2 ft predicted tomorrow evening, ya' have to love spring in UT! Dropped Mom and Dad off at the airport and made some afternoon turns.
Excellent visit! The Cocco traditional dinning adventure included SLC favorites:
E Jo Korean (3250 S 700 E) Authenitic Korean barbeque cooked at the table
Granato's (4044 South 2700 East) Fine Italian Market
Sidetrack Cafe (94 S Main St - Hwy 40 Heber City) Cafe with character, green chile and espresso
Aunt Pat's home cook'in (Powder Mtn condo) Um, um good!
Zoom (Park City bottom of main st.) Robert Redford's eclectic dinning, great but not amazing.
Cafe Madrid (3900 South 2080 East) Spanish Tapas, Pimento Pepper Stuffed with seafood! Garlic cream with grapes soup, carpachio soup. Amazing.
Porcupine Pub & Grill (West of the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon) Brunch, Lunch, Dinner & Beers, can't go wrong.
Lone Star Taqueria (2265 E. Fort Union Blvd (7000 S)) Best Fish Tacos & Best Ice Tea.
Little World (1350 South State St) Hole in the wall Chinese at it's best.
La Macarena Restaurant (4700 S 900 E) Salsa with breakfast! Excellent Mexican home cooking.
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