Google Glass Glasses Specifications (Guessifications) 
Below are some notes from Google Hangouts today with Google "explorers" (alpha developers) group and Glass team. Now that I have a better idea of specs... so many cool optons to hack!:

Specs In the Glasses:
- Gyro & Accelerometer
- Bluetooth, WiFi, No cellular
- Can pair with Android device
- Microphone
- Audio yes, not in ear (by design, freedom of body)
- Track pad on side of glasses
- Camera w/ Video
- HUD simular to looking at TV across the room. (focal point is not 2 inch from face)

Two tracks of Development:
- Cloud Based API: Push message to glass and user can respond to cloud services.
- Flash Hardware: Low level programming. Glasses have simular hardware to say Samsung phone (minus cell)

Software that may be installed:
- Google maps, navigation
- Speech recognition
- Google Search
- Live stream video and photo have been demoed before

- Sergey is using the $1,500 Glass fee to actually fly all explorers to Mountain View for a Glass hackathon, rumor v2 with option to sky dive onto campus.
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Google I/O 2012 - Cloud Platform & Big Data 
Great experience at Google I/O 2012!
Google rolled out some hot new tools and talks regarding Cloud platform, here are some I enjoyed:

Google Compute Engine (IaaS):
Urs Hölzle live demo of 771k core cluster and genome map, wow!

Live build of Hadoop cluster on Compute Engine by Evan Anderson

ETL into Google BigQuery Building Data Pipelines at Google Scale by Michael Manoochehri

Good talk Big Data: Turning Your Data Problem Into a Competitive Advantage ...but no video? they demoed a couple of Bi tools built on Big Query ... Bime analytics looks nice.. but did not cover ETL?

Too many cool sessions not enough time, just starting to watch sessions I missed at conference....
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Google I/O Road Trip Pictures 

Arrive Petaluma CA, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Bank 1,200+ seed varieties!

Oysters grilling with the Claytons at Dillon Beach... yum!

Heading into SF, CA on Gold Gate bridge

Google Glass (Glasses) ... mine are on order :) ... $1,500 :(

Paul Oakenfold after party, good, not great, videoed by everyone in crowd

Startup talk with Kevin Rose

CrowdFlower office, Mission district

Chris Van Pelt co-founder & Chief Awesomeness Officer (on business card, nice!)

Royal Robbins's Wine Cafe Camp 4

Post conference with the Yob's... Passing BIG boat on small boat

Heading home on the salt flats ... Tree of life
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Getting inspired this morning with a few Ted talks I hadn't seen yet:
John Underkoffler point to the future of UI
- Tech behind Minority Report

JoAnn Kuchera-Morin Demo: Stunning data visualization in the AlloSphere

Gary Flake: is Pivot a turning point for web exploration? Mar 2010
- with API, REST, JSON, JS,... check out example: http:// or embedded below..
- Nothing terribly new with zooming here are some of my older projects 2005, 2006 and even earlier projects exporting Visio vector network diagrams and writing basic Flash UI... new, not Flash dependent...

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Planning Big Data - O'Reily 
If you want an good overview to sort out the Big Data ecosystem I recommend the free e-book:

Here are some of the areas I am focused on:
page 7: "We're moving beyond an information economy. Information on its own isn't an advantage, anyway. Instead, this is the era of the feedback economy" feedback loop!

page 43: Regarding Google Predication API and their general offerings
" ecosystem development to make their tools more approachable"

page 70: "The agile nature of data science will favor any tool that
permits more interactivity"

page 72: "I've repeatedly heard from data scientists about what they
want most: people who know how to create visualisations"

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