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KCOCCO ~ photo - ifly

Back in June with the Cromar's at the wind tunnel IFly Ogden Utah

Mike Cromar

Kevin Cocco

Cale Cromar


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Interesting Ted Talk regarding Algorithms. "Writing the unreadable", "Pragmatic Chaos" pick 60% of the movies people watch on Netflix. Kevin Slavin briefly mentions a company Epagogix that predicts box office success of a movie script through algorithms, same company Malcolm Gladwell was anonymously discussing in his 2006 talk So Predictable.

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Suicide Chute July 18th 

Alex and Magali kicking steps up Suicide chute



Magali and Alex at top of chute

Looking down

Alex with a found ski on back

Chute of side of Mt. Superior Little Cottonwood Canyon
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Bacon and Cassandra 
to add bacon to kcocco.com click here

Found on blog while researching Cassandra NoSQL database

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Animated GIF / Cinemagraphs

Here is a nice tutorial on how to create with CS5 extended
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