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KCOCCO ~ photo - Deer Valley
Deer Valley 

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The Seemingly Impossible is Possible  
Check out this TED 2007 presentation by Hans Rosling "The seemingly impossible is possible". Have to see his grand finale!

Amazing visualization of world data by Gapminder World a Google company as of March 2006. Here are few of more interesting motion charts I found interesting. My Dad (Statistical Guru) warns Correlation does not imply causation.

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Google profits finding USA Today pay articles 
Searching for an article I was interviewed for in USA Today Jan 2005...Searching on USAToday shows the article for sale $3.95 and showed a abstract only. But if you search for Kevin Cocco on Google they show the full article on VoIP indexed and available. Making money with AdWords. Google is also indexing old news papers from micro film. Interesting to see NYTimes win-win angle on this effort.
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City of Rocks Idaho 

Quick weekend at City of Rocks Idaho


Magali and Alex

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Ocean City Sunrise 

Ocean City NJ Sunrise Over Atlantic City 8~6~2008
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