Google Real Estate Search displays Housing Search 
Noticed Google presented me with their Housing Search interface today when searching for the broad term 'Real Estate'... actually I intended on searching for Real Estate Gadgets.
This Housing search is combing through Google Base data. The Google house screen does not have any ads? This search tool is diluting their ad clicks on a spendy keyword "Real Estate". I am guessing the push is to get some more user demographic data (see remember this location check box was default opt-in) and kick the tires on their Google base housing search for a future goal..?..

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No Name Peak White Pine 

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Testing a little more... goal is to stream the crane dropping my new hot tub in the back yard... 8:30am May 1st.
Here is another article about Amazon and "cloud computing" ... /mf_amazon

Watch live video from kcocco's channel on
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Life, Camera, Action
Click Here to get Your Own Camitt Player

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Mule Deer 

Wasatch Mule Deer

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Twin Peaks from the home.. To be climbed..

Closest major rock band...To be climbed...

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