Soldier Hollow 

Timpanogos Mtn. road side picture near Soldier Hollow.

Soldier Hollow site of 2002 Winter Olympic Nordic events.

Started the morning running friend Alex to hospital for knee surgery 7:30am Heber. While heading to Sundance area to hike I took the sign to Soldier Hollow. Special $15 for trail access, rental of boots, skis, poles. Today was my first day on skate skis. I flailed up the first short hill as I figured out the skinny free heal slickster skis. Reach the top and jump right onto the "low angle" downhill slope. I am cooking down the hard early morning groomer with these little skis with no edges and go down hard, grinding the skin off my forearm....good morning! Started to get my mojo working when I went to the training oval. They have a 30 target shooting range for the Biathlon . I only saw one person skiing with rifle. For $19 you can rent a gun to protect your self. Amazing technique to ski skating, enjoyed it and would do again.
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Panoramic from Coal Pit 

Another panoramic from top of Coal Pit headwall yesterday.

Booked for Chicago March 24th to 29th.... Easter Pie!

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Coal Pit 5K Vert! 

The original of this is panoramic is 26980x1910 pixels large. If you click this you can see a version 5000x353.

Magali with headlamp seconding Mikes log stream crossing at the bottom of Hogum Fork, 6am this morning.

Mike at the top of our climb up the Hypodermic Needle shoot.

Thunder ridge top of Coal Pit headwall. Magali, Kevin, Dan, Mike (aka Cannonball)

Lone Peak from Thunder Ridge

Pfeifferhorn from Thunder Ridge

Dan carving down the Coal Pit headwall

Another look at the head wall from the upper bowl. Huge!

Dan laying lines down the second bowl found riders left.

Lower shoot...note how far away the road still is.

Magali watching Mike(aka Crazy Caonnonball) convince her it would be best to get out the rope and repell the water fall.

5000 vertical feet later we arrive back at the car 2pm.
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Striped Beauty 

Spring is coming. I looked up the name of the Crocus flower that pops up right before spring every year.
I toured up White Pine, Red Pine, Maybird and back down Red Pine gulch. I was investigating one of the approached for the Coal Pit headwall. Conditions are getting good for big lines....possibly Sunday?
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Beyond The Sky and the Earth 
Finished reading "Beyond The Sky and the Earth a Journey Into Bhutan" by Jamie Zeppa. Excellent book to get me acquainted with Bhutan. The author tells her story of living and teaching in Bhutan. Learned about Bhutan culture, food, history, Buddhism. Sounds like an amazing country. Current plan is to be in Bhutan this May...possibly the Laya - Gasa trek?

This was one of the books that I checked out from the American Alpine Club Library in Golden CO. As a member of AAC you can have up to 10 books sent to you for a 28 day check out. Another nice benefit to members is international rescue insurance.

Swapped in a fresh battery into my motorcycle this afternoon. Looks like I will have company on my Alaska bike trip... Tori, Doug, TIm? Doug sent me an e-mail yesterday... rather than renting a bike he ordered a fat new Harley. Here is a picture of Doug's new Heritage Softtail Classic Fire Fighter edition:

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