Bangkok Booked 
Booked Bangkok tonight! Bangkok will just be a launch point to and from Bhutan and India. I am stoked that my friend Tori will be able to join me for trekking in Bhutan! I have selected Sakten as the tour company to arrange our trek. All visitors must have a guide while in Bhutan. I hope to have the trek confirmed this week.

Here is my lineup...
Chicago March 24 - 29
Belize April 18 - 30
Bangkok May 5 - June 23rd

I have an appointment with the Salt Lake County International Travel Immunizations Center(801-468-2813) at the end of the month. A public office in the county building (2100 S State). Here is the recommended immunizations and there pricing for Belize, Bangkok, Bhutan and India:
Hepatitis A & B (Twinrix) $47
Typhoid $49
Tetanus booster $28
Polio booster $32
Office Visit w/ travel advisor $40

Total should be about $196...not too bad.
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SLC Dinning 

From Summit chair Solitude ski resort Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC UT
24 in. in the last 48 hours, 155 in. base, 1-2 ft predicted tomorrow evening, ya' have to love spring in UT! Dropped Mom and Dad off at the airport and made some afternoon turns.
Excellent visit! The Cocco traditional dinning adventure included SLC favorites:
E Jo Korean (3250 S 700 E) Authenitic Korean barbeque cooked at the table
Granato's (4044 South 2700 East) Fine Italian Market
Sidetrack Cafe (94 S Main St - Hwy 40 Heber City) Cafe with character, green chile and espresso
Aunt Pat's home cook'in (Powder Mtn condo) Um, um good!
Zoom (Park City bottom of main st.) Robert Redford's eclectic dinning, great but not amazing.
Cafe Madrid (3900 South 2080 East) Spanish Tapas, Pimento Pepper Stuffed with seafood! Garlic cream with grapes soup, carpachio soup. Amazing.
Porcupine Pub & Grill (West of the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon) Brunch, Lunch, Dinner & Beers, can't go wrong.
Lone Star Taqueria (2265 E. Fort Union Blvd (7000 S)) Best Fish Tacos & Best Ice Tea.
Little World (1350 South State St) Hole in the wall Chinese at it's best.
La Macarena Restaurant (4700 S 900 E) Salsa with breakfast! Excellent Mexican home cooking.
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Beyond The Sky and the Earth 
Finished reading "Beyond The Sky and the Earth a Journey Into Bhutan" by Jamie Zeppa. Excellent book to get me acquainted with Bhutan. The author tells her story of living and teaching in Bhutan. Learned about Bhutan culture, food, history, Buddhism. Sounds like an amazing country. Current plan is to be in Bhutan this May...possibly the Laya - Gasa trek?

This was one of the books that I checked out from the American Alpine Club Library in Golden CO. As a member of AAC you can have up to 10 books sent to you for a 28 day check out. Another nice benefit to members is international rescue insurance.

Swapped in a fresh battery into my motorcycle this afternoon. Looks like I will have company on my Alaska bike trip... Tori, Doug, TIm? Doug sent me an e-mail yesterday... rather than renting a bike he ordered a fat new Harley. Here is a picture of Doug's new Heritage Softtail Classic Fire Fighter edition:

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